“Soopah” is how people in Boston say “super”. It is also the name of this comic’s resident costumed hero. His powers are inconsistent, his mood is volatile. Come to think of it, he’s not a very nice person. Kids, please don’t look up to him.

His origins are unclear and intentions are even murkier. Soopah lives his life like many of us, mindlessly jumping from adventure to misadventure with little regard for others around. But unlike the many, Soopah’s got the power to be incredibly ignorant and amazing all at once.

You think you have seen awesome before? Think again! Behold the power of Soopah!

About the Artist

Pat Mallon started his first webcomic, Milk for Dead Hamsters, in 2011. He was admittedly exhausted by the effort by 2012 where he put the site on an indefinite hiatus. After taking a break to write a few middle grade novels, he returned to making comics for plarko.com in 2014 under a pen name.

When the comics started doing well, he totally wanted all the credit, so he branched off this stylish website and started calling Soopah his own.

Now he’s waiting for Godot.


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