Don’t Call Soopah “Yellow”

Bananas aren’t inherently dangerous, but add in a few bad puns and you get…murder. 

A few production notes:

This is my second Soopah comic which features a banana. So that’s about 10% of all Soopah comics have Musa-related humor. Not a good trend.

Secondly, I am starting to get into this social media stuff, so I have to let y’all know about where you can follow me…I mean…uh…Soopah.

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One thought on “Don’t Call Soopah “Yellow”

  1. Jesus, grow a pair. Could have been an apple. And then where would you be, huh? Drowning in a clogged cider drain, that’s where! But you’re a banana! Show some pride bubby. You’ll get through this. Just listen to your nana.

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