Soopah Gets Stung Like A Bee

I tried a bunch of different S-words in that second frame, but nothing had as nice (or rotten) of a ring to it as “suckass”. Not too extreme like the seven words you can’t say, but not quite a PG-rated term or endearment. Yes, according to the Urban Dictionary it is an elevated form of being a “kiss ass”. But doesn’t suckass sound like something much worse than a brown-noser? When I hear the term, I think of some degenerate shit-eater who can help inhaling farts. That is way more unappealing!

Although I’ve heard the word before, I don’t think I’ve employed it. Welp, now it is part of my everyday vocabulary. To my son: “Hey suckass, take out the trash.” To my wife: “What would you like for dinner, suckass?” And my boss: “Go to hell, you shit-eating suckass!” All instances get the desired result — solitude.


2 thoughts on “Soopah Gets Stung Like A Bee

  1. I was told gefilte fish was a delicious Passover delicacy. It is just barely palatable. I was hungry. *Shudder shudder* I didn’t puke. I mean, what the fuck is that shit? Canned Fish meatballs? Who would even think of that ? Then I thought of the Jewish pogrom and oppression that Muslims NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH.

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