Soopah Is First To Do Everything

When I was younger, I would race to say and do just about every wacky thing I could think of in order to be the first person to do it in the new year. This crazy mentality took on a new sickness when the millennium happened. I think I can say with confidence that I was the first to yell, “Get me a goddam grapefruit, woman!” So the next time you say that in your household, remember that I was the first to say it in the last 15 years.

Production note: because of the New Year theme, this is a special Thursday release. It takes the place of the normal Friday spot. So, we’ll see you next Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Soopah Is First To Do Everything

  1. I’m trying all of these suggestions, right now, and I am actually going to be first in 2015. Take THAT, Soopah!

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