Soopah Meets Doctor Strange

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re Stephen Strange, there is a lot. When I first picked up a Doctor Strange mag, I couldn’t get passed the first page without reading every line of dialogue with a flamboyant flair. His costume, his hair, his name: all translated like a superhero Liberace. Soopah seems to be encountering the same sitch.

But before all of you Strange fans get up in arms about my words, rest at ease. With maturity (or perhaps I should say “passing of time”), I realized how badass this Illuminati member is. The Sorcerer Supreme protects all of Earth from mystical and magical attacks. While we may have our Hulks, Caps and Iron-men, they are worthless against the likes of Voldemort.

Thank God for Doctor Strange. Sincerely. Thank your God.

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