Soopah Needs Some Ukrainian Christmas

I learned a lot about Ukrainian culture when I adopted my two eldest kids from Ukraine. I picked up a little Russian, experienced some new cuisine, and developed a newfound appreciation for my home country. Ukraine was a tough place. Beautiful place and wonderful people (for the most part), but life there is incredibly hard. The cities are polluted. Many buildings are in disarray. The whole place appeared desaturated (although that could have been the time of year I visited (November)).

One thing I thought was so cool about Ukraine was their Christmas. Ukrainian Christmas is January 7th. It’s that way here for Ukrainians in North America. So while it’s not anything out of the ordinary to those in Europe, the Ukrainians here get to take advantage of all the post holiday sales. December 26th is like one of the biggest sale days. All of the stuff that people fight over in November gets returned to the stores then marked down. You know who reaps the benefit? Ukrainians. It might be time we start following their traditions instead.

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