Soopah’s Elf On A Shelf

To parents and really-odd Christmas enthusiasts everywhere, the household Elf on a Shelf probably made its first appearance over the weekend. This tradition puts more unnecessary pressure on parents to find a new hiding spot for the elf every night to make it seem that the elf flies to the North Pole and returns. The most pressure comes from actually remembering to do it.

Sure, it’s kind of annoying, but my God is it a wonderful inclusion in your home. This creepy little guy actually keeps children in line. I have 4, 3 of which have mouths that use words. Those words aren’t always so nice. When our family elf, Sprinkles, is in the house, those mouths don’t use as many words. 1 magical month of the year, this little gnome¬†comes around to help us parent. The fear of negative consequences (coal instead of presents) for bad behavior is enough to get the desired effect.

Now we just need some other supernatural beings to help out the rest of the year: Cupid on the shelf, Leprechaun on the shelf, Apostle on the shelf, and don’t forget Little Veteran on the Shelf. With this pattern, we can fill the whole year with creepy spies who keep our kids in check.

Artist note: this is my first non-black-and-white Soopah strip. Does the grayscale color palette take away form the simplicity of the comic?


2 thoughts on “Soopah’s Elf On A Shelf

  1. Wow. Did you really use the elf thing? My parents just used the ole ” do your chores, listen to us, and you will (almost always) get what you want.” They never actually told us Santa was real. My retarded brother chose to believe it anyway.

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