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Jul 7Soopah’s Home, Coming
Jul 3Soopah is the Bachelor


May 30Soopah’s Advanced Robot


Aug 24Soopah’s Simple Instruction
Aug 18Soopah’s Theory of Everything
Aug 10Soop4h
Jul 18Soopah Understands Reddit
Feb 24Soopah And The Necessary Sheet
Feb 13Soopah Gets Pulled Over
Feb 10Soopah Hates Pansy Kids
Feb 6Win One For The Soopah
Feb 3Soopah’s Friend Hates Ades
Jan 30Soopah’s Punchline
Jan 27Soopah And Gamma Ray
Jan 23Soopah In: Ewe’s On First
Jan 20Soopah and Michelangelo’s David
Jan 16Soopah Rests in Pee
Jan 13Soopah In The Park
Jan 9Soopah, Thor and Ironman Don’t Walk Into A Bar
Jan 6Soopah Needs Some Ukrainian Christmas
Jan 1Soopah Is First To Do Everything


Dec 30Soopah Does Something Unprecedented
Dec 26When Soopah Gives You Lemons
Dec 23Soopah And The Mistletoe Quote From Batman Returns
Dec 19Soopah Gets Stung Like A Bee
Dec 16Soopah Meets Doctor Strange
Dec 12Don’t Call Soopah “Yellow”
Dec 9Soopah Tells It Like It Is
Dec 5Soopah Needs A Belt
Dec 2Soopah’s Elf On A Shelf
Nov 28Soopah Is A Soccer Playa
Nov 25Soopah Has Some Fatherly Advice
Nov 21Soopah Plays Poker
Nov 18Soopah’s Friend’s Diabeetus
Nov 14Soopah and the Perfectly Awesome Sandwich
Nov 13Soopah’s Friend’s Masturbatorium
Nov 7Soopah’s Nice Observation
Nov 4Soopah Hates Spiders
Oct 31I Am The Soopah, Goo Goo Goo Joob
Oct 29Soopah’s One Weakness
Oct 28Soopah Diffuses The Situation
Oct 28Soopah and the Son He Never Had
Oct 26Soopah Hates Good-byes
Oct 22Soopah Has A Way With Animals
Oct 17Soopah Should Let The Machine Pick It Up
Oct 10Soopah Offers Career Advice
Oct 3Soopah’s Close Call
Sep 26Soopah Is A Cat-Stuck-In-Tree Kind Of Hero

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