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Soopah’s Friend Hates Ades


I had this written in a completely different way, but it just wasn’t good enough (see bonus below). So I’m testing the waters with a little edginess. I’m sorry if you have been hurt by any ades in your life.


Soopah’s Punchline

When is a punchline not a punchline? When it’s terrible and makes no sense.

Thanks to all you wonderful peeps for dropping in on Tuesday. I hope today’s follow-up is worthy of your return visit.

And for those of you wondering what my Super Bowl pick is…I’m going with guacamole. It is healthier than onion dip and has a nice zing that brings out the greatness in Doritos.


Soopah And Gamma Ray

It’s been too long since Gamma Raymond (or “Gamma Ray” for short) stopped by to see Soopah. Something looks a little different. Must be that new haircut he got or some new shoes. Something.


Don’t Call Soopah “Yellow”

Bananas aren’t inherently dangerous, but add in a few bad puns and you get…murder. 

A few production notes:

This is my second Soopah comic which features a banana. So that’s about 10% of all Soopah comics have Musa-related humor. Not a good trend.

Secondly, I am starting to get into this social media stuff, so I have to let y’all know about where you can follow me…I mean…uh…Soopah.


Soopah Plays Poker

I hated this play on words as a kid and I still do as an adult. What better way to handle this hate than by making a comic revolved around it? That wasn’t rhetorical. I really am curious and want to know. Tell me!