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I didn’t see it (didn’t really want to see it), but I’ve got to feel bad for the cast of the train-wreck that is Fant4stic. Seems like they really enjoyed playing the part of the famed superhero foursome, but the climate around them was just too hostile for it to work.

In one corner, you had a studio that just want to make a movie to retain rights. In another, you had a director who was handcuffed through the entire process. Then there was the audience who was secretly hoping for it to fall apart so those rights would somehow revert to Marvel Studios. The result was the worst comic book box office performance since Ghost Rider 2.

The whole thing was a big joke. A very expensive, not very funny, joke.


Soopah And The Mistletoe Quote From Batman Returns

As poetic as the line was in Batman Returns, I never really got it. On the one hand you have mistletoe, a leafy plant that can poison you and kill you. On the other you have two people putting dem lips together. How is the latter deadlier than the former? Batman and Catwoman must have been privy to some knowledge of Super-Herpes that was spreading around Gotham. Tim Burton probably should have worked that angle into the plot better, because if you were like me, you were probably just like, “mmmm, no.”

Soopah Has Some Fatherly Advice

He’s no Bob Saget, but Soopah’s words are wise. Even the greatest father who ever lived, Odin, heeds his advice. And so should you.

But seriously, what the fuck is up with Minecraft? I hear kids refer to it as a “game”, but it just them pushing a whole bunch of blocks around. Looks like a bad Dire Straits video too. You know what I used as a kid when I wanted to build with square blocks? Blocks. And then Legos got wicked popular and I started using them a whole lot.

The moral of this story is that kids should be doing constructive stuff that will contribute to society instead of wasting valuable time in front of a screen “creating” things out of digital nonsense. Like me and this webcomic. Oh crap….


Soopah’s Friend’s Diabeetus

Don’t get us wrong. We hates diabetes. It is a cruel disease that impacts many people across the world. This comic is in no way making fun of diabetes sufferers.

However, we are making huge fun of diabeetus, this hysterical mis-pronunciation of Diabetes spokesperson, Wilford Brimley. Associated with the foundation for decades, Brimley practically yells at the camera telling people to get their diabeetus checked. It’s like the producers of the segment were afraid to correct him. He is, afterall, an actor and should have been directed to stress the “eez” ending that most of us know. Nope. He just did his own damn thing. Even showed up in a 10-gallon hat.

Rest in peace, Mr Brimley. Not now, but when you do actually die.